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About me

I've been obsessed with media my entire life. I harness this obsession to make art about the things I find most fascinating: post-9/11 American culture, the allure of the morbid, the sanctity of images and detritus. Crashing high and low production values into each other, using humor to disarm grotesque subject matter, and co-opting genre sensibilities and pushing them to their absolute limits are favorite techniques of mine to heighten absurdity and discomfort in my work. I began making short films in middle school, started a film collective that won the Montclair Film Festival's Emerging Filmmaker's Competition four times, advanced my cinematic voice while attending the College of the Moving Image at Wesleyan University, and am currently freelancing my skills while making videos and experimenting in other mediums. Here you can find the various projects I've been working on for the past few years. Enjoy.

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